Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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The idea to create was sparked by my frustrations when I first searched for opportunities to volunteer abroad. There was no end to the number of services that wanted to charge me thousands of dollars to volunteer. Worst of all little of the cost made its way to the charitable organization. At this point, I had invested well over 40 hours of searching the internet for free and low cost volunteer opportunities. I decided to catalog the information online rather than letting it go to waste.

I am often asked, what does VAOPS mean? VAOPS stands for Volunteer Abroad OPportunitieS. The domain name was short and more importantly, available. I never could bring myself to title the site Volunteer Abroad Opportunities because the word order was clunky. The domain has quite a few links and a small but loyal following, so I hate to change it now.

Due to the positive feedback I have received from visitors and listed organizations, I decided to revamp the site and expand its listings in 2008.  Moderate success with this site encouraged me to build other sites with the goal of becoming an online publisher.  As a step toward that goal, VAOPS is now officially a publication of 404 Media LLC .

If you know of a worthwhile organization that offers free or low cost positions, let us know about it. We do not charge organizations for inclusion in our directory. Organization submissions should be sent to: