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The Chol-Chol Foundation Builds Sustainable Industry for Remote Villages

volunteers need to immunize before traveling abroad The Chol-Chol Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote economic and social development in the Araucania region of Chile. Training and education are offered to participants to develop cottage industries. Goods are then gathered for distribution and will be marketed by the foundation at a fair price.

Textile production is one of the successful projects implemented by the Chol Chol Foundation. Micro-credit in the form of raw wool is made available and each participant is taught how to spin yarn from sheep’s wool. Using local flowers, leaves, and roots, yarn is dyed to the desired color. The finished wool is then woven on traditional looms or knitted into unique all natural products. Bags, hats, rugs, or one of a kind wall hangings are just a few of the hand crafted items produced.

The development of responsible and sustainable industry encouraged by Chol Chol isn’t limited to the production of textiles. Although it is still in the pilot phase, the Medicinal Plant Project is currently operating with two local community groups. Five native species of plants: Llantén, Marigold, Matico, Mint, and Chamomile are currently being grown in the projects greenhouse. As production from the greenhouse increases, the project will focus on commercialization of the agricultural output. This will provide another source of income for the foundation and the rural population it supports.

Another aspect of the foundation is its commitment to sharing knowledge about these indigenous people and providing an insight into their culture. Become immersed in the history, customs, and ceremony of the Mapuche people while learning about past and ongoing projects. Whether you want to hear lectures from experienced staff, or simply enjoy a traditional mean with local delicacies, the Chol Chol Foundation can custom tailor the experience to meet your specific interests.

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