Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Volunteer Articles Find travel, destination, and volunteer oriented articles at The decision to volunteer abroad should not be made lightly. Hear what past volunteers have to say and research your destination thoroughly to ensure your safety and get the most from your time abroad. Don’t hesitate to email the editor if you have an article suggestion (or want to comment on an existing article). We are always happy to hear from people who have volunteered abroad, please consider contacting us to share your experiences with potential volunteers.
Volunteer Abroad with Parrots  - Most parrot species are threatened--if not endangered--and a few have become extinct in the last century. By volunteering abroad with an organization dedicated to the reintroduction of parrots to their natural environment, you can help to improve the health of wild parrot populations.
Micro-Credit Loans Financing Small Business  - Micro-credit or micro-lending is a technique that charitable organizations use to assist the very poor to start or expand a business. One hundred dollars may not seem like a huge amount of money to you or I, but for the very poor that may be enough to permanently lift them out of poverty.
Medical Volunteers Provide Basic Care and Cleft Palate Surgeries  - For children born in poverty often in rural areas, medical care is rarely available. If a child suffers from a birth defect such as a cleft palate, not only are they are forced to deal with issues breathing and speaking, but also with the rejection and shame from society.
Volunteers Should Consider the Need for Travel and Medical Insurance  - If you have plans to volunteer abroad you should consider purchasing traveling insurance regardless of the length of your trip. Depending on the policy you select, coverage can protect you from more than the loss of your prepaid nonrefundable deposits.
Volunteers with the Chol-Chol Foundation Develop Sustainable Industry for Remote Villages  - Textile production is one of the successful projects implemented by the Chol Chol Foundation. This will provide another source of income for the foundation and the rural population it supports.
Research Immunizations before Volunteering Abroad  - It is important that you visit your doctor or a travel medical specialist as soon as possible once you decide to travel abroad. Some vaccines require up to three doses, and as long as six months apart. After vaccination it can still take a month or more before an adequate immune response is developed.