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Research Immunizations once You Decide to Volunteer

volunteers need to immunize before traveling abroad Before you begin your travel odyssey, make sure you have reviewed the immunization requirements of your destination. Even when not required, it is a good idea to be immunized against common diseases and those more prevalent in foreign countries.

It is important that you visit your doctor or a travel medical specialist as soon as possible once you decide to travel abroad. Some vaccines require up to three doses, and as long as six months apart. After vaccination it can still take a month or more before an adequate immune response is developed. Vaccination schedules can be compressed, and multiple vaccinations can be given at the same time so you should see a medical specialist no matter how little time you have before your trip.

When you do visit your doctor, take along your immunization records from childhood if possible. A list of the countries you will visit is also important since the immunizations selected will be dependant on your destinations. Make sure to get the World Health Organization’s yellow card certified by your doctor. This document is required for entry into certain countries as proof that you have been immunized.

For additional information on travel immunizations, visit the Center for Disease Control  or visit your family physician.