Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Prime Trust Organization
OrganizationPrime Trust
Program Costs$125 per month
Room & Board$190 to $320
Language RequirementsEnglish
Prime Trust is an organization responding to the needs in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu India. They work to promote women's empowerment initiatives, educational programs, and social awareness. Although these are the stated goals, it appears that most volunteers work alone or in pairs on projects. Information on the site is limited in many areas, but the volunteer documentation appears to be quite extensive.

In the volunteer packet we received, Prime Trust provides great information for the prospective volunteer. You will get an over view of how to travel to the organization's headquarters, and photos of what to expect from their accommodations. Information on the full time staff includes the names and job descriptions of key staff members. The documentation goes on to cover what to expect from the native people and their customs. Last but certainly not least is the explanation of their fee structure.

Although there appears to be a dizzying array of fees, volunteers can expect to pay between $300 and $500 per month for room and board.