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Project Why began as a spontaneous reaction to help an unfortunate few, and has grown organically over eight years to become an extraordinary lifeline that offers children hope and joy in the place of sadness and despair. The initial few were kids born into the slums in the South of Delhi, but they were the unluckiest of the unlucky, born with special needs into a place where even able children stand little chance. Project Why created both classes and teachers from resources in the slums and they quickly became full. So more had to be done, more money found, more teachers trained, more classrooms formed from the rubble. Today Project Why teaches 600 kids, employs 30 local staff and has even sponsored 12 open-heart surgeries.

From the beginning Project Why has included a global family of volunteers who come to Delhi to teach English classes, paint walls, work with Special Needs kids or just generally make themselves available to help. We are also now a virtual family with volunteers blogging, writing grants, designing buildings and much more from thousands of miles away. We could currently use someone to help us with on-line marketing and search engine optimization as well. Whatever your skills, please contact us and we'll try to put you to good use (and we'll make sure you have a bit of fun too). There is no fee to volunteer, but we do ask for 500 rupees a day for room and board if you'd like to stay with us. If you're interested in helping us either In India or from the comfort of your own computer, please e-mail with a brief description of your interests and abilities so we can figure out together how you can help.