Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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South Asian Village Empowerment International
OrganizationSouth Asian Village Empowerment International
Program Costs$44 per month
Room & BoardNot included
Language RequirementsEnglish
SAVE-INTL’s and TVO’s programs were instituted to improve the long-term social, economic and physical conditions of the poor rural, socially disadvantaged and primarily Dalit-Scheduled and Tribal Caste communities in the specific geographical location of Tirupporuur and Tirukalukkundram Blocs of Kanchipuram District, Tamilnadu through the founding and establishment as well as the financial and advisory support of:

* Free after-school study centers (Tuition Schools) for school children.

* Free women’s vocational training programs, primarily in sewing and handicraft skills.

* Community Centers which are donated to the community but maintained by TVO with the support of SAVE-INTL.

* Other programs that benefit the health, education and general welfare of the economically distressed and socially oppressed rural communities that compose this region. These include free primary health care centers, computer and technology programs, village libraries, youth sports programs, repair and rehabilitation of drinking water supplies, construction and in some cases and remodeling of toilet facilities for villagers and public school children.

Starting with a meeting in January 2004, TVO and SAVE-INTL have slowly and carefully developed an effective and sustainable program that presently extends to over 22 villages in a regional network of after-school study and tuition centers and women’s vocational training programs housed in permanent buildings constructed specifically for this purpose and donated to the village.