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OrganizationOrphan and Children Education Assn of New Nepal
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Orphan and Children Education Association of New Nepal (OCEAN Nepal) were established in 2005 and is a non-profit and non-government organization. It has seven members in the board. It is registered with the Chief District Office of Kathmandu and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council under HMG Ministry of Social Welfare. OCEAN Nepal as an NGO aims to provide free education, health care to the poor and helpless orphans and specially for victim children who lost parents due to conflict and equip them with the necessary skills with the objective of making them self reliant on this society. We encourage development through the use of local resources and knowledge, which leads to financial independence and self-sustainability. Currently, OCEAN Nepal is managing an orphanage in the capital city of Nepal and has as its aim to extent through the whole of Nepal . The orphanage is currently providing a home for 10 orphans.