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Parrots at the Rainforest Biodiversity Group
OrganizationRainforest Biodiversity Group
CountryCosta Rica
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The mission of Rainforest Biodiversity Group is to protect biological diversity, including migratory bird species, through the protection of habitat for the Great Green Macaw and the creation of local conservation initiatives.

The Great Green Macaw is also known as the "Buffon’s Macaw". It is known as "Lapa Verde" in Spanish and Ara ambigua in scientific terms. This species is internationally endangered. It is red listed by CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species). It is also identified as a species most in need of protection by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation.)

The population of the Great Green Macaw is in great danger of becoming extinct in Costa Rica. Here less than 200 individual birds remain, with less than 30 breeding pairs. The Great Green Macaw is now found in less than 10% of its original home range in Costa Rica. The establishment of local and private conservation initiatives and economic alternatives are needed to protect the Great Green Macaw population from becoming extinct in Costa Rica.

The greatest threat to the existence of the Great Green Macaw population in Costa Rica is continued deforestation, especially the deforestation of the Alemendro, this species main forage and nest tree.