Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Tiny frog sitting on leaf in Costa Rican forest
OrganizationRancho Mastatal
CountryCosta Rica
Program CostsNone
Room & Board$10 per day
Language RequirementsBasic Spanish
We are a small operation, with an assortment of projects taking place at the same time. Even though volunteers and interns work hard and sometimes long days, the general atmosphere at the Ranch is relaxed and family like. As a volunteer or intern you receive three meals a day—typically vegetarian fare with occasional fresh fish from the Pacific. In between meals, you are welcome to snack on bananas, homemade bread and whatever other fruits and veggies happen to be in season. Breakfast usually consists of bread, homemade yogurt and granola, coffee or tea, fresh eggs and fruit. Lunches and dinners are large, healthy, wholesome, scrumptious and satisfying. We love to bake bread, bagels, pizzas and pita in our self-made earthen oven. All means are communal.