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Helps International in Guatemala
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HELPS International, organized in 1984, is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that, in partnership with individuals, local and national governments, works to improve drinking water quality, medical care, education, the environment, agricultural and economic development. Check out the site links or see our various projects, volunteer opportunities, and needs.

To alleviate medical problems in Guatemala's rural indigenous areas, HELPS International believes in providing US hospital standard healthcare from highly trained medical/surgical teams to the rural population. Alleviating suffering through medical care promotes a positive healthcare attitude among the rural population, and serves to lessen the burden on major medical centers in the cities.

HELPS International believes that education is essential to the future of Guatemala, and has worked since the early 1980's with Mayan (indigenous) women and children in the development of literacy and education. Today, the HELPS Education Program has developed into a system of K through Sixth grade education. HELPS continues to make a strong commitment to longterm literacy and education.

The cornerstone of HELPS International's development philosophy is the belief in an integrated approach with a variety of HELPS programs in order to assist communities in the developing world. HELPS recruits volunteer groups to implement such projects as the ONIL stove installations, school construction, potable water systems, and concrete floors for homes.

HELPS International believes economic changes are essential in order for Guatemala to have real and permanent growth; HELPS, therefore, supports economic efforts that promote opportunity and individual initiative. HELPS programs include: micro-credit loans, and the creation of marketing outlets for the products of Guatemala.

The HELPS Gravity Water Filter is a practical solution to the need for safe drinking water everyday in rural communities, and during emergency relief efforts. Safe drinking water is often very scarce, or available at great expense. The gravity water filter uses two containers: a person simply pours the water into the top container where it then filters to the lower container through a ceramic purification element, providing up to 10 gallons of safe drinking water every four hours. The initial assembly is easy and the setup time is about 15 minutes.