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Long Way Home in Guatemala
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Long Way Home is a non-profit organization originating in the United States that seeks to bring together resources to empower youth to realize their full potential by fostering civic interaction, creating educational opportunities and encouraging healthy lifestyles through extracurricular activities. Our current project has us in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala, working with the Guatemalan Maya to construct an ecological park and recreation center.

Long Way Home is comprised of employees, interns, and volunteers who have been trained to work in the specific geographical, cultural, and political climate of the mountainous highlands of central Guatemala. The diversity of the Long Way Home staff provides a variety of necessary skills: permaculture and horticulture techniques, appropriate technology, spanish and Mayan languages, water treatment, and teaching. The organization offers a volunteer program and internships.

Long Way Home is a small organization that emphasizes long-term development and self-sustaining growth through a joint effort of Long Way Home, which helps initiate and finance projects, and local groups, which maintain and sustain the projects over time. The group chooses projects that not only benefits particular communities but that can be completed in efficiently and cost-effectively in regards to time, funds, and natural resources.