Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Children's group home in Mexico
OrganizationRadiant Futures
Program Costs$100 once - first week
Room & Board$50 each additional week
Language RequirementsBasic Spanish
Our children arrive to us with nothing, no parents, no support ... nothing. We take in the children who have been abandoned and provide them an instant family. From day one we do all we can to love, feed, house, teach, and care for these children. They have come into our home as babies from 3 days old up to 4 months old. Ours is a constant effort to give a bright radiant future to what was a dark uncertain beginning. Organized in 1996, our first project has resulted in building a 6,000 square foot group home in the troubled State of Chiapas, Mexico on a five acre fenced in lot that will house 25-30 children. In addition to a strong family setting, this site provides the children with a library, educational and vocational opportunities, growth potential, and room to play and be a kid.