Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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monkey in the madidi mosaic, Bolivia
Program Costs$0
Duration1 month +
Room & Board$300
Language RequirementsEnglish and Spanish
Madidi Travel is an institution that emerged from Eco Bolivia Foundation, creators of the Madidi National Park, please see the National Geographic magazine cover story on Madidi of March 2000, a story for which we were the exploratory team and which recognizes our contribution in creating Madidi National Park, the protected area with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Madidi Travel currently needs very motivated and committed volunteers to help consolidate Serere, a 4000 hectare area in floodplain (varzea) rainforest, an area on the Beni River (Amazon headwaters) with four lakes, and a wide variety of eco systems, flora and fauna.

Volunteers are needed for the following:

1. Translation: our staff is made up of indigenous persons from the Madidi Mosaic who have deep knowledge of the rainforest, but who do not speak foreign languages. Translators are needed to accompany our guides in the tours to help them transmit their knowledge. If the volunteer can commit for an extended period, the volunteer could also teach English to the local staff.

2. Administration: volunteers are needed to help administer the lodges in the protected area as well as our office in the town of Rurrenabaque from which Serere is provided with all its needs. Volunteers rotate between Serere and Rurrenabaque.

3. Marketing: Volunteers are needed to help us develop our marketing nationally and internationally. We are particularly weak in the area of marketing through internet, so people with these skills could contribute enormously.

4. Protection, monitoring and inventory of flora and fauna, and re-introduction of fauna: volunteers are needed to monitor and inventory the flora and fauna of the reserve. We are currently initiating a collaboration with the Senda Verde animal refuge so that we can re-introduce the fauna that is in condition for this to their natural habitat in Serere. Volunteers would get to know the animals and their management in Senda Verde, and then bring them to Serere where they would instruct our staff on their management and assist in their re-introduction to the wild.

5. Cooks: we are establishing a café/cultural center in Rurrenabaque with the objective of giving local youth more access to culture and healthier values, and we have food services in our protected area of Serere. We seek cooks with experience in the preparation of healthy food, leaning toward vegetarian.