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Volunteer with Andean Bear
OrganizationAndean Bear Conservation Project
Program CostsUnknown
Room & BoardNot Included
Language RequirementsBasic Spanish
The Andean Bear Conservation Project is part of the Fundacion Espiritu del Bosque (meaning "Spirit of the Forest"), and is based in Ecuador. Our goal is to save the Andean Bear from extinction through in-field scientific studies and through the rehabilitation and release of captive bears.

We monitor both wild and rehabilitated bears, by direct observation and through the use of radio tracking equipment. Our aim is to improve human understanding of these gentle creatures by gathering data on their diet, behaviours and social interaction.

Time is running out for the Andean Bear. The tranquil cloud forests of the Andean mountain ranges, where these bears live, are rapidly disappearing. Without a better understanding of their needs there is no way to implement a strategy for their survival.

We need your help! We are currently the major organisation in the world tracking Andean Bears with radio equipment. The information we are gathering is vital to their survival. Despite this we are a small, grass-roots operation with little funding. We depend on volunteers and donations to survive. Without your support we can not continue this critical work.