Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Free Volunteer Ecuador
OrganizationEcuador Volunteer Foundation
Program CostsVaries - $0 to $450 per month
Duration1 month to 1 year
Room & BoardIncluded
Language RequirementsIntermediate Spanish
"Why should one do volunteering with Ecuador Volunteer Foundation? Well, first of all, let's face the facts; volunteering is probably one of the fastest, and definitively cheapest, ways to improve your Spanish skills. Second, and that's the real point that you won't really realize until returning to your home country; besides improving your human skills in a different culture, getting self confident handling surprisingly new and exciting situations and achieving unique skills for a future carreer, you'll actually get to improve the life of a handfull of children. Depending on your skills but, most importantly, your efforts, you will have the chance to really do a difference for a change in your life.

Imagine... It cannot be described, you should just take a deep breath and sign up for volunteering, ok? Besides, Ecuador Volunteer rocks! The staff is highly skilled and experiences working with foreign volunteers. This means that they will accept you as you are and give you quite a freedom to choose where you can do the most but, at the same time, they will always be there for your in every sense. I can so much recommend doing volunteering!"