Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Program Costs$0
Duration3 Months +
Room & BoardVaries $200 to $250
Language RequirementsNot Required
The word Ayni comes from the language of an old native culture called Aymara based in Peru and Bolivia, and it means 'today for you, tomorrow for me.' Ayni is based on the idea of reiprocity: working together as a group for the group, a sharing of ideas and resources, helping one another and having a sense of responsibility for each other. Ayni's work takes place in Alto de los Mores, a small isolated rural village of Indigenous Peruvians. Our organization works together with this community to alleviate some of the major barriers of living in extreme poverty. Our role is multifaceted and continues to grow within the community from women's development projects, to small micro-credit schemes, as well as encouraging and supporting education and knowledge of human rights throughout the community.