Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Smiling boy enjoying clean drinking water
OrganizationCasa Hogar Los Gorriones
Program CostsUnknown
Room & BoardUnknown
Language RequirementsUnknown
This is Ayacucho, one of the poorest cities in one of the poorest countries. The intensity of the mid-day sun is unbearable through the ever-growing shantytowns. An Older lady is spending countless hours at the local market selling clover for less than a dollar a day...A moto-taxi driver goes home after is daily 15 hours shift knowing he won't be able to afford sending his kids to school...We are far from the golden empire of the Incas! Beyon Peru's vibrant culture and heritage, a large number of inhabitants share this same destiny. Faced with these challenges, many children are suffering. Alcoholism and violence are gaining ground in the households and prostitution has become abundant in the streets. For many parents, the only hopes of seeing their children survive come downs to abandoning them on the street. Orphanage and public institutions are rare and the ones in operation are over crowded.