Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Two children greeting a returning volunteer
OrganizationHome of Hope Orphanage
Program Costs$0
Room & Board$0 to $10 per day
Language RequirementsBasic Spanish
The volunteer program is for adults 18 and above who have a sincere desire to help children. The long term program is for volunteers that will commit at least 6 months to working in the orphanage. In this program, the orphanage will pay for room and board. Also we will give the volunteer responsibility over a particular area such as teaching English, work maintenance on facilities, teaching special Ed courses, or monitoring the scholastic program of our children. The short term program is for adults 18 and above who would like to come to the orphanage and visit and help in painting, reading and playing with the children, and baby sitting. The orphanage charges $10 per day for room and board. If the volunteer is interested in coming he/she should look at our DVD on the web or order one. Also the new volunteer should be encouraged to correspond with some of our past or current volunteers.