Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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children and volunteers of the LLI in Peru
OrganizationLight and Leadership Initiative
Program CostsNA
Room & Board$420 per month (or less)
Language RequirementsEnglish
The Light and Leadership Initiative provides assistance to the women and children of Huaycan, in the Ate-Vitarte District of Lima, Peru. By offering literacy and education programs, they are working to break the cycle of poverty that plagues the region. Volunteers are welcome year round and can teach English, participate in community projects, help with homework, or just socialize with the children. Health care providers are especially welcome to provide medical, dental, and mental health services.

Spanish is helpful, but there is no set requirement for proficiency. Language lessons can be arranged and you will pick it up very quickly thru your interaction with other volunteers and the people of the community. Those who are proficient with Spanish are especially capable of helping with the literacy programs.

For a very reasonable fee, volunteers are provided with a secured shared-residence that includes: meals, bottled water, hot showers, wireless internet access, and a cleaning service. Volunteers are responsible for all travel expenses, leisure activities, medical and travel insurance, and other personal expenses.  Full cost details are provided below.

This combination of their worthwhile programs, exceptional accommodations, and reasonable fees is very difficult to find. Although I have no first hand experience with this organization, it has quickly become one of my favorites on the site.

Week 1: $150
Week 2: $240
Week 3: $340
Week 4: $420
Week 5: $510
Week 6: $590
Week 7: $680
Week 8: $770
Week 12: $1,120
Week 16: $1,480
Week 20: $1,840
Week 24: $2,160