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Our volunteers will live at the paradise in a wonderful community located at the deep jungle in " Pacaya Samiria National Reserve".

Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is located in Peru's Amazon region, 100 miles west from Iquitos. The Reserve is a triangular shaped area between the Marañon and Ucayali rivers. These rivers intersect at the northeastern of the Reserve, marking the beginning of what is considered the Amazon River proper. The reserve’s waters are home to gray and pink dolphins, Amazonian manatees, giant river otters, black caimans and giant South American river turtles. Land species include jaguars, capuchin monkeys and spider monkeys. More than 300 species of birds live in Pacaya-Samiria, including five of the eight species of macaw found in Peru. The prehistoric-looking hoatzin bird is seen here as well.

Wildlife and local villagers rely heavily on two species of palm for food. The fruit of the moriche palm is critical to the diets of parrots and mammals such as the tapir. Humans use the fruit in drinks and ice cream. Birds and mammals feed on the fruit of the chonta palm, while humans harvest the palm’s heart.

In this program you will teach 4 hours daily , 5 days a week to the children in the elementary school from grades 1-6. In doing so, the children learn a new language which is required at the secondary and post secondary level. This gives children a head start in acquiring English as a second language.

How long ? We require 2 months minimum. What kind of volunteers are we looking for? Our volunteers needs to have patient to teach English to the children in a fun way by incorporating song and art alongside traditional methods.