Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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a few volunteers at Pisco Sin Fronteras in Peru
OrganizationPisco Sin Fronteras
Program CostsNA
Room & Board$5 / day for room and 2 meals
Language RequirementsEnglish (Spanish helpful)
Pisco Sin Fronteras is an entirely volunteer based organisation that works toward the reconstruction in and around the town of Pisco follwoing the 2007 Earthquake which destroyed 80% of Pisco and left thousands of people without a home. Many people still live in unsafe, unclean, unexceptable conditions and Pisco Sin Fronteras is working hard to construct them more adequate housing and improved community resources such as community centers, bathrooms, and running water.

It is free to volunteer with Pisco Sin Fronteras. However since we receive no funding we have to charge for accomodation and meals which is $5 a day. An understanding of either Spanish or English is requried for the job. There are a wide range of activities for volunteers and they are free to choose those activities they wish to do. This includes the following: constructing bamboo houses, Digging Trenches, pouring Cement, bricklaying, demolition, or working as part of our education programs.

PSF is a permanent organization with in country leadership. Make sure to check them out if your travels take you to Pisco Peru!