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OrganizationSupporting Kids In Peru - SKIP
Program CostsSee Below
Room & BoardIncluded
Language RequirementsBasic Spanish
SKIP is a UK non-profit organization helping disadvantaged children to realise their right to an education. We are currently working on the north coast of Peru, in the impoverished districts that surround the city of Trujillo. Our primary work area, El Porvenir, demonstrates a great deal of social problems that need our urgent support. Our team is comprised of volunteers from overseas, as well as from the community of El Porvenir and local universities in Trujillo.

SKIP has been working in El Porvenir for 5 years and in this time has rapidly expanded from originally supporting around 80 children to go to school, to now supporting around 440. The primary purpose of the NGO was initially to cover the costs incurred with sending children to school which was preventing children from being able to attend.

However, it was soon realised that in order to bring about long lasting change, family units needed to become stable and self sustaining. For this reason, SKIP began offering information workshops for the parents so that they would be able to make changes in their own lives to improve their own living circumstances.

We have a number of different ongoing programmes, educational programmes for primary and secondary children. We run a nursery for children aged between 3-4 years. We have an English teaching programme which we operate in the schools in the area in which we work. We have a social work team and psychology team who conduct workshops for the parents focussing on a range of issues from health to empowerment. We run sport groups with the parents and with the children. Finally, we have an economic development team who give out microfinance loans to the families and provide work related support, job searches and so on.

Contribution to cover room and board:

    $350 per month 1-2
    $250 per month 3-5
    $180 per month 6-8
    $125 per month 9-12